Smallville Season 8 : Another Spolers 1


-Erica Durance will be in more than 13 episodes this season; however, this number can be increased to more if Lois is needed for more.

-Kristin Kreuk (Lana) will be back in Season 8 for five episodes.

-Laura Vandervoort (Kara) will not be a series regular in Season 8. However, she may return for a few episodes. Laura Vandervoort, who was at one time considered a "lock" for next season, is conspicuously not on the Season 8 cast list...

Laura Vandervoort revealed at the 2008 FanExpo in Toronto, Canada that she will be returing to Smallville for an episode to wrap up her storylines. Her episode shoots in October, which means it will probably land somewhere between #9 and #11 of the season. Sadly, Michael Rosenbaum has given no indication that he will be returning, and he has revealed that he is currently in negotiations for a film role. (Source: TheTVAddict).

-Phil Morris will be returning as the Martian Manhunter for at least 3 episodes in Season 8, and James Marsters has expressed interest in more appearances as Brainiac.

-TV Guide is now reporting that Allison Mack will indeed be back next year for all 22 episodes of the season.

-Executive Producer Darren Swimmer has revealed to E! Online’s Kristin Dos Santos that there might be some romantic sparks between Clark and Tess later in the season. "Tess is definitely interested in him-and who wouldn’t be?" Swimmer said. Swimmer also declared himself to be a fan of the actress playing Tess: "Cassidy Freeman is also doing an incredible job. Nobody could fill Michael Rosenbaum’s shoes completely, but she’s carrying the mantle as best as I can imagine anybody doing it."

- Kristin’s interview also reveals that Laura Vandervoort will be in "either episode #8 or #9," and that there are talks to incorporate Darkseid. The interview also revealed that there will be no Michael Rosenbaum at all in Season 8 - though we’re seriously hoping that’s a misquote.

Source : ( Last Updated on Sept, 2008. Visit Kryptonsite to more update spoilers!)


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