Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles


Devoting to posting articles about TV Show that will, was or has airing/aired on Indonesia ( in this case foreign TV Shows) such as Smallville, Heroes, Supernatural and etc. I feel that I should posting about Terminator : The Sarah Connor Chronicles. This show has airing on Trans-TV on 2008. Although not full season, only first fifth episodes but its very interesting to discuss.

But, I can’t predict if it will be airing for full season or not. Regarding that Trans-7 as brother of Trans-TV look like not very interesting to airing TV Shows again. You now, Supernatural replay on everyday but now it move to Saturday, 10 a.m.

This e-book in Bahasa Indonesia only. Consist summary, behind the scenes, international distributions, music, cast and characters and etc. I hope this TV Shows will be airing for full episode.

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