Why Smallville Special Part 1


Why Smallville special ?What it differences than others ? Those are some important question that we have to figure out. Actually, the fans (I called them including myself as Smallvillers) can figure out about 10 or more reason. But, one of those reason is the decision that took by Smallville’s creators : Alfred Gough and Milles Millar. Both of them aren’t big fans of Smallville. In fact, they are not superheroes fans. When Warners Bros offered them to handled new project about a young Superman myth, they decided that they want stripped " Young Superman" to his root.

What made Clark Kent/ Kal-El be a great superhero ? What is the beginning of legend about the Big Blue Scout ? Those are some question that Smallville try to answers. Does the special qualities of Clark only on his extraordinary powers ? Or because his origin as Kryptonian ?

Finally, I observed that Smallville tried to revealed that Clark become a great superhero ever is because his humanity. And how the Kent raised and educated him as human. Like Dr Swann said that "..not only because of races or origins that made human called human, but also because his/her humanity."

Or like Batman said " in one moment, he (Superman) like a god, fire a heat from his eyes from the sky. But above it all, he more human than all person that I’ve ever know."

The other reason is about the golden rule of Smallville " No flight No tight". All Smallvillers complained, asking and wondering when Clark will be able to fly and wear his costume. But the golden rule indicated that maybe it be the last thing that Clark can do. Although it could be change cause both of two creators have departures from this show.

So what do you think ? Why Smallville special for you ?

Did You Know ?

Tom Welling ( Clark Kent) confessed that he’s not Superman’s fan. In fact, although he played as Clark Kent on the show, he never read comic books or learning about Superman myth. But he said it could be an advantage for him cause it could make him played Clark Kent in a fresh way and in a new interpretation.


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