Two Reason Why Batman not appear on Smallville


I always thinking after Justice League and Legion of Super-Heroes appeared ( and we will see Injustice League too), who else will appear on Smallville ? Then I wondering why Batman not appear on Smallville ? I think between Green Arrow and Batman, people will excited if Batman be guest star or regular player on Smallville. It will be great have trio Justice League main members ( Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman).

But instead of have Batman and Wonder Woman on Smallville, the producers decided to brought Green Arrow as regular player on Smallville. I think Green Arrow doesn’t have significant part on Justice League than Batman or Wonder Woman does. But, I have already the reasons why Batman not appear on Smallville.

1. The History of Smallville

Before Alfred Gough and Milles Millar ( former’s Producer and Creator of Smallville) created Smallville, Tollin/Robbins Productions wanted to do a show about a young Bruce Wayne. The feature film division of Warner Bros. had decided to develop an origin movies for Batman ( Batman Beginning and The Dark Night), and, because they didn’t want to compete with a television series, had the television series idea nixed. In 2000, Tollin/Robbins approached Peter Roth, the President of Warner Bros. Television, about developing a series based on a young Superman. So, that why they choose other super heroes characters to guide Clark Kent think about double identity and not choose Batman.

2. The characters of Batman

We knew that Batman is individual superheroes who doesn’t like work with others. So, if Batman brought to Smallville it would not be Justice League. There is no way Batman collect superheroes to be one team where he become a leader. And there is imposible Batman become members of Justice League in his beginning career. Or maybe there are Batman and Justice League but in other way. Maybe could be complicated than now.

I think that Batman joined Justice League is because he knew after fought for years that he couldn’t fight crimes for alone. But he needed others superheroes to work together and it takes a process on his journey. Not in beginning of his career.

The essences of Green Arrow showed on Smallville is to encourage Clark to think about how he will use his extraordinary powers. And to teach and gave Clark an idea about double identity and not only waiting problems come in front of him. But Batman, with his individual behaviour and darkest side of personality not suitable to do that.

The Chance of Batman appear on Smallville

So, are there any chance for Batman appear on Smallville ? I always think that there are nothing imposible on Smallville. He could be appear on Smallville not as Batman but as Bruce Wayne ( or young Bruce Wayne). The scenario that could be is Clark help Bruce to understand that grudge is not the good thing to kept.

Or maybe Bruce inspired Clark that to be hero, sometime he must break a law ( but it already taught by Green Arrow). So how do you think ? Is it a good idea to bring Batman on Smallville or not ?


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