My Opinion about Heroes Volume 4


My Opinion about Season 3 and Season 4.

Why Tim Kring decided to created Volume 4 on Season 3 ? On Wikipedia it revealed that it’s a effort to saved Heroes which it rating declined for several week after it premiere. Some fans stop to try following this show cause they thought this Heroes Volume 3 became derailed from it essence. I think fans still want Heroes be a show about an ordinary people with an extraordinary powers and not war between extraordinary again extraordinary. Not to mentioned with plot and subplot about Peter Future, Peter Present or Claire Future and Claire Present.

And all character who have Present’s and Future’s version. It made us confused about the storyline. Yes, the writers have wrote about storyline above and succeed to build curiosity on fans ( remember on Volume One Chapter Five Years in Future or something like that). But it simple before, and divided into clearly storyline.
So, the Volume 4 supposed to saved Heroes. Make fans interesting to watching again and gathering new fans. Is the trick succeed ? Personally, I don’t think it succeed. I’ve watched Volume 3 Chapter 1-13 and Volume 4 Chapter 3-10 although I’m Indonesian and I think there are something weird in storyline.
One thing that bothering me is Peter. He lost his powers, and what is in the head of the writers ? I mean, he is the powerful one on the Heroes but in crisis time when he needed he loses his powers. Now, he only can borrow one power. In other hand, Sylar keep going with his thirsty to collecting powers. It sucks !
Although I understand that they are telling us about everybody can be a heroes without any superpowers. Even Peter doesn’t have his great powers, he still fight. I think he is the brave man.
Watching our heroes screw up with their live and running from their hunter isn’t a good thing for me. Or it just what happen when people try to resume one volume in one night ( I watched volume three and four in two night).But, the last episodes when Angela revealed the secret of company, I think is the best episodes from this volume. (She has a sister ? )
So, we already hear about Heroes Season 4 ( Volume 5 ? ) which called Redemption. My assumption it taken from the guilty that Angela and Nathan have when they mess up with their people ( people with special ability). Angela ran a Company with the other founders with one goal : protected people with special abilities with all necessary things to do. But it revealed that in Company’s journey, it became derailed.
In other hand, Nathan mess up with his planned to strip out special abilities. H.R.G tried to helped and guided Nathan from inside but both of them threw away. Angela’s planned to sabotage and ruined government’s operations from inside ( using H.R.G) failed. Instead, that planned be a boomerang for her.
So, when she collect her family in one place, share her vision. It look like that the Petrelli will take a redemption for their mistake.

" It is not the Company. It is a family. And it has a differences. Family have a capacity for forgiveness."Peter, when the Petrelli ( including Claire and H.R.G) gathering and round a table.


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