Similarity Among Heroes, Naruto and Avatar the Legend of Aang


I’m a big fan of those TV Series. Heroes, Avatar the Legend of Aang and Naruto. The last two are animated series. So, what is similarities between the three ? Actually fans be sides me must be can figure it out. Let’s checks the similarities between the three.

Eclipse on Heroes and Avatar
We remember when first eclipse shown on Heroes in Volume 1. And it trigger the special abilities of our Heroes. In different places, our Heroes saw eclipse and their special abilities stronger. And people questioned about the meaning of eclipse which always show on beginning. The meaning of Heroes ’ Helix symbol had revealed on Behind the Scenes of Heroes and on the Internet.
But, the eclipse itself was a mystery. But on Volume 3: Villains, it finally revealed that the eclipse trigger the Heroes special abilities and can make those abilities gone too. Although the shown not explain how and why. But it another step forward for us now.
For Aang’s fan, we know that Fire Bender be weaker and even lost their fire bender when eclipse happen. We remember it on Book 3 : Fire. Aang and his companion in arms planned to attack Fire Bender kingdom when eclipse happen. And they were right. The Fire Bender loss their powers and Aang and his team can successfully carving a way through. While on Avatar, Saozin’s comet gave the Fire Bender an ultimate power.
Underdog and Outcast main characters on Heroes and Naruto
Naruto is an outcast and underdog teen ninja from Konoha. Villagers hate him cause in his body embedded a supernatural monster called a nine tailed fox Kyuubi which has responsibility on the village’s destruction. No to mention, a dead of great Hokage and Ninja that ever been, Fourth Hokage.
Ninja on Konoha used to underestimate him and mock him about his dream. We all already know his dream to be a great ninja and Hokage. But his moron and sloppy, yet braggart. But he finally proves himself in front the Villagers and his rivals that he can make it. Especially when the villagers count on him. He won’t let them down and show that he is a great ninja.
Peter Petrelli is placed in the background by his dad (and mom) against Nathan, his older brother. Nathan always be a role model son. Smart, ambitious and obedient. Whereas Peter is a young man with other aspire. Instead, following his family footstep to be a lawyer or obey his father command, he always follows his hearth.
Despite Angela had shown her love to Peter, it just another tricks that she has. She always look that Nathan more useful and capable to be a tool to create a better world, a company’s goal than Peter. Just like Arthur thought about Nathan and Peter. So, if they should choose whether Nathan or Peter who has to die, I bet they will easily choose Peter. Angela goes berserk when knew Arthur tried to killed Nathan, but she easily accept than her younger son is a bomb man. Not to mention that she easily suggested that Matt to shoot Peter on the head if Peter wouldn’t listening him. But, history said something different. Peter proves that he is a great Hero and has a great power.
Terrorists on Heroes and Naruto
Personally, I consider Company and Akatsuki as a terrorist group. They have similar ideology: to create a new and better world with teach earthling about fear and pain. To achieve that, they destroy world to build a new one. Linderman said that when people hurt and suffer from loss, they will be united by a fear. If one man upstanding and be a leader, they will look into him. And if the leader can take an advantage from their fear, he can create a better world.
While Akatsuki’s ideology almost the same. Teach people about fear and pain. Destroy world and from it ashes will grow a new world that tired with wars and suffer. Akatsuki achieve their goal by collect nine supernatural monsters. Those are monsters which have massive power and destructive. Collect those into one massive and destructive weapon and offering it to countries that could overbid.
Company achieve their goal by took an advantage on future. Tragedy in future that involving people with special ability. If there are no tragedy, they create it. Even it means sacrifice their relative, it doesn’t matter. They will take any cost to achieve their goals. The pathetic things are both of those groups always think and believe that what they do is for a good.


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