Why Heroes Special ?


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Heroes is one of most popular American TV Series now. Although there many TV Series with the same main idea : super powered human. So, why Heroes become so popular than others ?

1. An ordinary people with extraordinary powers

Heroes’ Character are not superheroes who wearing tight suit from latex. No well-trained fighters who dedicated himself/herself to against crime either. But they are just an ordinary people like us. So, all fans from many background can identified themselves with one or more Heroes’ characters. I think all people have experienced a moment when they looked themselves and thought : " There must be something else that I could do. Not just what I do now..." or " I feel that my destiny more greater than now.."

2.Fresh characters and storylines

When we watches Heroes, we absolutely don’t have any clues about the characters and storylines. Of course not without spoilers and flash news from any sites or blogs. Not like Smallville that took Superman mythology. Almost all people knew about it. And another TV Series like Birds of Prey ( from DC Myth too like Smallville).

Every time new characters appears, we always wondering : Is she/ he has a special ability ? What he’s/ she’s special ability ? Is she/he on good side or not ? Or maybe we shocked with the storylines : Oh my God, he died ! What next ?

3.Multi cultural

Heroes is multicultural. As far as I know, there are almost no else like Heroes. When did we seen American TV Series with Japanese speak Japanese? Or Mexican speak (bahasa Spanyol) ? They are India people ( like Mohinder), Japanese ( like Kaito Nakamura, Hiro and Ando), Latin ( Like Maya), Haitian etc. And those characters with their own cultures and languages not just merely story’s sweeteners.

4. Uniques Special Abilities

Yes, we knew that there are many superheroes can fly. Or be invisible. And many of them can read mind. But a time traveler ? How many time traveler on DC or Marvels ? Or there are any superheroes who able to paint the future ? Does somebody ever described that ability to turn things to gold when he touch it as a special ability ?

I think some special abilities are unique. Like ability to connect to the Internet without any gadgets. Or Micah who can order and control machines.

5. Great Special Effects

Be TV Series with limited budget can’t stop Heroes present a high and impressive special effects. We know that Heroes’ special effects not so perfect but personally I think those are smooth and natural. Not mention that is impresives.

What else ? Are you have a different ideas? Or maybe you want to add something to those lists above ?


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