Heroes Season 4 Volume 5 Episode 2 Jump, Push, Fall Review


Sylar tells Matt that he is now part of him. Sylar says that since he is able to hold his son, he is real. Janice walks in the room and sees Matty in the crib.
Noah burns his TV dinner in his toaster oven. He looks in his fridge and sees that it is empty except for a jar of mustard and some milk. He fixes himself a bowl of cereal then calls Sandra. A man answers her phone then hands the phone to Sandra. Noah hangs up then immediately gets a call from Tracy. Noah meets her at Danko’s apartment. Tracy sits in front of Danko’s dead body and tells Noah she didn’t kill him.
Back at the circus, young Hiro asks the older version of himself to snap a photo of Ando, Kimiko and himself. Samuel approaches Hiro and tells him that he thinks they are going to be great friends.
A detective meets with Claire and asks if Annie showed any suicidal thoughts. Claire says Annie was an overachiever. The detective says there was a suicide note left on Annie’s pillow. Claire says the note wasn’t there when she got in and doesn’t think Annie killed herself.
In Japan, Kimiko asks Ando where her brother is. Ando admits Hiro went into the past.
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