Supernatural Season 5 Episode 2 Good God Y'all Review


Sam and Dean visit Bobby at the hospital. Dean says that they should cheer Bobby up and suggests that they give him a back rub. Dean shows Sam an x-ray of his ribs and the symbols that Castiel carved into them. Castiel calls Sam and asks him where they are. Castiel arrives at the hosptial and tells the brothers that they are hidden from all angels including him. Bobby asks Castiel to heal him, but Castiel says that he is cut off from all of heaven’s powers.
Castiel tells Dean that he is foolish to go against Lucifer, but knows someone who can beat him. He says that the person who revived him and put them on the plane, God, can defeat Lucifer. Castiel says that he wants to find God. Castiel says that he rebelled and killed two angels for Dean. He says that he needs an amulet that burns hot in God’s presence. Dean realizes that Castiel wants his necklace and hands it over. Castiel tells Dean that he will keep in touch, then leaves.
Meanwhile, Rufus, another hunter, shoots at demons with his shotgun. He drags a boy to safetly and ties off his wound with his belt. He calls Bobby for help on his cellphone. He says that he is in a Colorado town infested with demons. The call ends as Rufus drives off two approaching demons with shotgun blasts.
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