Clark Kent VS Justice League


Although Smallville still airing on The CW, fans already talking about the possibility of spin off. Some refuse to talk about it, but the other gave their opinions. And Justice League is one of the strong candidate for Smallville’s spin off.

The funny thing is when I’m looking back, there is some pattern about how they were introduced to Smallville. From Season 4, the members of Justice League introduced to Smallville lore. And each of them had fought with Clark Kent. Did you remember about these ? Lets check it out :

The Justice League Member

Bart Allen aka The Impulse

After caught had stolen Jonathan’s wallet after rescued him for accident, Bart was challenge Clark played "Catch me if you can" game and it end up with Clark failures to keeping up with his speed. But, eventually they skip the misunderstanding and befriend. In the closure of the episode, Bart challenged him to race, "If you can catch me, I will rethinking to stay in Smallville," he said after talk about has a trip and collect a "league of super powered people". They were racing and Clark lose.
Arthur Curry aka Aquaman

This charming guy came to Smallville and saves the day. Aware of his super strength on under water, Clark starts suspicious about him. It makes sense when all super powered people around you were crazy and evil meteor freaks. Arthur then got caught by Clark for tried to explode Lex Laboratorium. They have a little and unfinished fighting on underwater. And Clark flung because Arthur’s blow.
Victor Stone aka Cyborg 

Victor just has escaping for Lex’s men when he incidentally meet with Clark. Clark recognizes him as a famous Football’s player. And he knows that Victor supposed to be a death person, so Victor feel threatened and they have fight. Of course it was one of unfinished fighting on Smallville.
Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow

Green Arrow stole a necklace on Martha’s charity night and it makes Clark pissed off. After doing some research, he figure out that Green Arrow will steal again. So, he intercepts him while he was on action. They have a fight but Green aren’t a equal foe for Clark.
Dinah Lance aka Black Canary 

Lex set Black Canary against Green Arrow by telling her that Green Arrow bombed his factory and killed some innocent people. And then, he and his group start to seek and destroy Lex’s labs. Dinah tricked and start seeking Green Arrow and try to stop him. Of course, she incidentally met with Clark. And because our hero has subsonic hearing, her scream totally paralyzed him. But, when he figured out how to handle the situation, Dinah not a equal opponent for Clark.
The Candidates


She comes to Earth to find the equal and perfect mate for her after disappointed because all men on her planet can’t kept up with her stamina. So, they finally met, lust sparks fly around them and they start petting. But, disturbed by Lois whom incidentally caught them. Maxima who felt that Lois will be her rival, intercept her when she want to get home. And they are almost have fight before Clark interferes and push her with his super speed. And it makes her turn on and wanting Clark for more. But Clark realizes that Maxima isn’t belong with him. I don’t know if she will coming back and joins Justice. But I think it will be cool.

Zatanna comes and hexes Chloe then Clark and after that Oliver. Luckily, she don’t fight with Clark, because Clark is vulnerable with any kind of magic. In comic lore, Zatanna is younger from Clark, could be 10 or 20 years. But, in this series, she looks like of the age of Clark.
Who Next ?

What do you think fans, who will be come to Smallville and have a fight with Clark ? Or just come and join with Justice League ?


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