Superman Evolution on Smallville


Tracking The History of Clark’s Double Identity.

While the other versions came with the idea about Clark who decides to using his Kryptonian family symbol and blue, red and yellow tight costume, Smallville notes that our hero not jump out from nowhere to the conclusion or the idea above.

The Red Blue Blur
Clark as The Red Blue Blur
Actually this idea was incidentally happen, thanks to Jimmy "Not The True" Olsen. It was happen in Season 8, when Lois and Jimmy were stretch legs and talking about the rumor that spread about mysterious vigilante who kick the ass of scums around the Metropolis.
Lois mocks Jimmy who believes about this rumors and decides to cover the vigilante story. Lois said because there are no evidences about his existence, there are nothing they can’t do to cover the vigilante story. News are about fact and not rumor (that what I said).
While they are talking, a scum tries to seize Lois’s bag. Of course, she fight back and ask Jimmy to taking picture of the criminal. Accidentally, Lois pushed to the street while there was a car. Luckily, there is our hero, comes in the right time and right place. And he saves Lois but because his carelessness, Jimmy takes his pictures while he was saving Lois.
Of course, because he was using his super speed, what Jimmy got only the red blue blur. Clark was wear his red navy jacket and blue T-Shirt like usually. But, Jimmy feel so excited about his invention and so eager to cover this story.
Clark feel threatened because Jimmy and tries to cover his tracks and existence while Chloe suggest him to rethinking it as the sign that society is hunger about a hero figure. So, Clark start to realizes that Chloe was right about it. And he start using his read navy jacket and blue T-Shirt or blue navy jacket and red T-Shirt as his official costume. It was to created the red blue blur effects that people or camera seen when he using his super speed. Lois starts dub him as The Red Blue Blur. And Clark start appears in headline of newspapers. People start talking about him and wondering who is he.

The Blur
Clark as The Blur
I call him now the Blur as his costume change from red or blue navy jacket and blue or red T-Shirt into Black T-Shirt with "S" symbol and black long robe. Remind me with The Punisher costume, the difference is The Punisher using skull picture in his chest while The Blur using the "S" symbol.
Clark is starting his training now. I think as the sign that he start embraces his origin as an alien and Kryptonian and because the guilt of Jimmy’s dead, he decides to start using this "S" symbol. Not to mention, in Season 8 Finale, he said that his humanity side was get in his way and "Clark Kent is no longer exist".
As we know that he is using new approach to handle crime, some people said that he is to strict, not like Clark Kent who we used to know. Just like he said that Clark Kent no longer exist. So, for temporary, there is no Clark Kent, the only thing left is Kal-El and The Blur. And as he is doing his training under Jor-El’s guidance, he need to keep distance from any earthling whom he know. Jor-El points out that to succeed in his training, he must realizes that he is no human and that he is Kryptonian.

What Next ?
Some fans who petty-minded are questioning about his changing from The Red Blue Blur into The Blur. Just remind that it is just the temporary and Smallville will get into the Superman’s lore. Just relax and start figuring out when he start to get into Superman costume or what make he change his recent costume into the costume that we know.
Or are there any other costume evolution or version until we get there. What do you think, fans ? Any prediction ?
Remember this symbol ? Lois will dub it as short of Superman. But, this symbol is Clark Kent legacy from his clan. Krypton was consist from some many clan or families. Every clan have their own symbol. This symbol called "House of El". Symbol of El’s family. All El’s family have their own right to use this symbol. It means "Hope". Honoured symbol from honoured family as Kal-El’s anchestor was deserving in building Krypton society. So House of El was like Kennedy dynasty. So, Clark should proud using this symbol.


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