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Recently, Trans TV has been promoting their new TV Series : Angel’s Diary. There is no confirmation yet about when it will be airing. In this promo, Angel’s Diary is TV Series about a girl (probably her name Angel, like the title) who had lived in Australia for about 10 years and has to move to Indonesia. The reason is simple, her mother doesn’t agree if her daughter dated with band’s member.
There are several other characters who introduced in this promo including her fussy aunt, and prankster little nephew. Be sides them, campus playboy and campus’ monster (female character- I think some kind of Queen Bee character) and one mysterious young man who gives towel to Angel.
Not First TV Series
I think I don’t have to explain that there are almost no TV Series in Indonesia. The primadona in this country are opera soap, or I like to say lousy opera soap. But, maybe some people didn’t notice that Angel’s Diary not the first TV Series. Some TV Channel had aired some TV Series but those were failed.
RCTI had aired Dunia Tanpa Koma, TV Series that starred by Dian Sastrowardoyo, Fauzi Baadilah, and Tora Sudiro. It was about mass media competition and triangle loves between three journalist who had played by Dian Sastro, Tora and Fauzi. Like other TV Series, it had different guest stars appear and even Andi Malangrangeng ( I hope I don’t spell his name wrongly) be a guest star, promoted President SBY program as he is Government Spokesman. But, it was failed I think because the storyline.
I mean, all mass media want to have profit, right ? So, they will pick the segmentation which will give them profit. Are there any tabloid or magazine which pick up and even investigate about drug dealers as their segmentation ? Mass media where the three work, to much paid attention on drug dealers and it not make any sense.
ANTV had aired Elang which played by Winky Wiryawan, Sophan Sophian, Ray Sahetapy, Rianti etc. It was about Indonesian Secret Agent VS Mafia. It looks like Indonesian James Bond. I was considered it as first Indonesian action TV Series. Some actors and actress who had performed great acting but some still gave opera soap acting type. And I think Indonesian still not ready yet on this genre. Secret Agent theme was not very Indonesia.
My Expectation
I am tire of Opera Soap and I don’t think that it’s only me. Trans TV has been initiative to present a different FTV, which like Box Office Movie format with dark and bright light not like opera soap which always "blink blink" (term that used by my lectures to criticize the light on the opera soap).
Don’t get it ? Do you remember when you seen Box Office movie or International TV Series like Smallville, Supernatural etc ? They are using different level of light on their cinematography, so those films have different side of artistic. But opera soap usually using flat level of light : very bright or bright light, like a daylight. Not yet the poor and typical storyline.
So, because Angel’s Diary is teen TV Series and we as youth usually seen Box Office movies and TV Series, I think we are ready for change. If it has a good storyline, fun and has a lot of fans, probably I will be running a blog abut it, of course in Bahasa Indonesia. It will be MyDailyPlanet first blog network.
So, what do you think ? What do you expect about our TV Industries ?


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