Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 5 Rufus Get Married Review


Serena and Carter have breakfast together at Blair’s house and he tells her about his trip. Serena asks Carter to investigate Nate’s new girlfriend, but Carter says he is too busy.
Dan tells Vanessa he has to use her IM ID because Georgina has been stalking him. Vanessa tells Dan that she hasn’t heard from Scott in a while. Dan says he liked Scott and felt a brotherly connection to him. Vanessa goes into a cafe and runs into Georgina.
Chuck and Blair have breakfast with Nate and Bree. Nate glares at Blair as she makes rude comments to Bree. Bree offers to order breakfast for them, but Blair tells her Nate won’t eat what she ordered. Bree gets upset and leaves the table. Chuck goes after her and asks her why she and Carter are enemies. Bree tells him she can’t talk about it,but tells him to warn Serena to be careful.
Serena sees Lily looking at her old wedding photos. Serena apologizes for disappointing her. Lily tells Serena it’s her fault for leaving her alone with Rufus. Serena tells her mom that she and Rufus are the perfect couple. Lily leaves and Jenny and Eric walk in. They tell Serena that Lily and Rufus are in the middle of a cold war.
Rufus returns to the loft and tells Dan he and Lily are fighting. Dan calls Serena and tells him Rufus is there. Serena says they just need to talk and she is going to find a way to make things right.
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