Supernatural Season 5 Episode 5 Fallen Idol Review


A man named Cal shows his friend Jim a sports car called ’Little Bastard’. Cal assures him that it is the one that they have been searching for. Jim goes to grab a video camera to record him start the car. Cal notices that he can see his own breath as the car acts up. Jim turns on the camera, returns to the garage and finds Cal’s head smashed into the top of the windshield.
Dean drives Sam towards the job. He tells Sam that since they haven’t found the Colt in three weeks, they need something to ease them into working together as a team. Dean explains that he wants a fresh start.
They arrive at Canton, Ohio where Cal died. They pose as FBI agents and meet the town Sheriff, Rick Carnegie. Rick tells them that they booked Jim Grossman for Cal’s murder. He shows them the video Jim recorded and says that he convinced that he is the killer. Dean and Sam have their doubts.
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