Should Smallville follows Superman's Mythology ?


I think since very beginning, Smallville took apart its fans. Like the other TV Series, Smallville has several group segmentation of fans. And I assume they are two main group. First, the ordinary fans. The ordinary or general fans could don’t have enough knowledge about Superman’s mythology. Or they don’t even like Superman at all, or have just a view background knowledge about this Big Blue Boy Scout.
As the general fans, I assume that they tend to accept whatever Smallville’s throw to them. As long as, it is not screw with the story or their favorite characters.

The second is the fanatic fans. They are Superman’s fanatic fans.They might be have been collecting all Superman’s comic books, and understand all Superman’s versions of mythologies. I assume that they felt disappointed with Smallville. Why ? Because they are Superman’s fanatic. When they watch Smallville, they have some expectations about the storylines and might be the characters as well. But, while the ordinary fans felt OK, the fanatic fans felt frustrated because they can figure out where Smallville wants to bring them. It seems that their expectations wrong and there are some twists that made them disappointed or headache. So, some of them, giving up to following this series.
Some another fans could be shout right now when they read two paragraphs above and say, " Smallville isn’t Superman’s story !! " I have read some comments on the Internet, disappointed of Lois’ appearance on Smallville. They want to think that Smallville isn’t another Superman’s story. And further, they enjoy the relationship between Clark and Lana and can’t accept another women for Clark.
But, for these fans, I have to say, Smallville is another Superman’s story. According to the Warners Brother’s official statement, Smallville is the new interpretation of Superman’s mythology from its roots. I think you already heard that the two creators, Gough and Millar, want to strip the Superman to his "bare essence". To find out the reason behind Clark’s decision to be the great super hero ever who we called Superman. So, for the fans who still think that Smallville isn’t about Superman, and Lana are belong with Clark, it’s time to wake up. Since it is about Superman, so Clark is belong with Lois.
Now, the main question is should Smallville follow Superman’s mythology ? If yes, how far it should be ? Especially in the context of its as the reinterpretation of Superman mythology ?
I notice that from the very beginning, it want to show us that Smallville was differ with another stories of Superman. And I am enjoying their version, although it isn’t perfect. So, for me, they don’t have the obligation to always follow the myth because Smallville is the reinterpretation of Superman’s myth.
And, just think about this, if they follow the mythology to strict, what the difference with another stories? Especially currently, when Lois and Clark work together in the Planet. If the writers not careful enough, the show could slip on new version of Lois and Clark : The New Adventures of Superman which starred by Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher.
Conclusion :
If some people tell me Smallville should follows Superman’s mythology. I will asking them, "Which one ? " Since there are might be hundred or thousand versions of Superman’s mythologies. If some people tell me that Smallville has been deviating from the mythology, I will asking them again, "From which mythologies’ it has been deviating ? "
Every mythology has its own core story, so then Superman’s mythology has it own as well. Since Smallville keep follow the main idea or the main value of Superman, it’s not deviate Superman’s mythology.
So, what your opinion about this issue ?


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