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If you have a hobby to collecting TV Series or Movies soundtracks, and have been looking blog or site that discusses those things, Soundtrack Projects might be the one which you’re looking for.
I have been running Soundtrack Projects for months, it is blog that collect soundtracks from TV Series and Movies like Smallville, Gossip Girl, House, 90210, and Supernatural. While until now, it has the four list of movies’ soundtracks. I know that this blog still a baby and not complete yet. So. I called it as projects due to the possibility to expand it.

But, there are some soundtracks which have completed. You can find full soundtracks of Smallville Season 6 and Season 8. And even Smallville Season 9 (it not complete yet, because on this season, Smallville only using two songs).
It is legal ? Yes, I consider it as a legal blog to download soundtracks. Why ? Because, it not gives you free MP3, but only show you the video clips from Youtube, MySpace etc. Then, gives you an option to buy the legal MP3 from Amazon, if you want to get the exclusive songs. But, if you want to get those soundtracks at no cost, you can download those from Youtube. Just like the others have been doing.
So, what you’re waiting for ? Don’t forget to give feedbacks to this blog.


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