Hidden Passion Episode Guide : Part 1


I am trying to find out the story line of this telenovela. But, it’s something difficult to find out the episode guide of Pasion De Gavilanes. It almost nothing I can found. But, finally I found Spain website which discuss it. Of course in the Spanish. Luckily, there is Google Language Tools. So, I translate it into Bahasa Indonesia and English. But, due to imperfection of the tool, I can’t guarantee the accuracy of this translation.
Part I of Hidden Passion story line will resume the story from the very beginning until the last of first part. Since this telenovela has 188 episodes. Be aware of spoilers which reveal on this episode guide.
Pasion De Gavilanes revolves the Reyes : Juan, Oscar, Franco and Libia. They left their country and settle in a small town where Juan opened a bakery. In that small town, Libia falls in love with Bernando Elizondo, a powerful man in the city and has a wealthy family. Problem arises when she becomes pregnant. Bernando is ready to leaving his family to lives with her, but unfortunately he died on an accident.
When Libia find out that Bernando has a family, and died, she shocks. This naive girl is trying to get some help from Mrs. Bernando, Gabriela Elizondo. But, the heartless Gabriela embarrasses her in front the whole family. Humiliated as never before, and distraught for the Bernando’s death, Libia suicide with jump from a bridge.
Her brothers, who shocked and devastated, decide to take a revenge to Elizondo. The opportunity comes when Fernando, son in law of Gabriela, decides to build a hut at the Hacienda, where he can live with his wife, Norma Elinzondo. Norma is the older daughter of Elizondo. So, the Reyes disguise as the construction workers with the help of Eva, the family’s headwaiter.
Initially, blinded by his hatred Juan only could think about killing all the member of Elizondo. But, Oscar persuades his brothers to seduce the Elinzondo sisters who are Jimena and Sarita. Franco finally agrees to this plan, Juan rejects it. But, when he met Norma on the first time, everything suddenly become awry.
Shortly, Juan falling in love with Norma. She divorces her husband, Fernando and then has a son with Juan. Because of his secret ( of the Reyes’s initial purposes), keep the distance from her. But their son will gradually uniting them. Of course, their relationship is a secret, without the consent of Elizondo Family. In the other hand, Jimena break her relationship with Leandro. Facing the rejection from her mother, Gabriela, about her relationship with Oscar, Jimena then moves to the Reyes’ house.
When everything seems so beautiful, Jimena find out and believes that her husband and Juan want to kill her and her sister, Norma. Meanwhile, the relationship between Franco and Rosario become insispid. Rosario finally married with Armando and then Franco, who devastates with her decision, doing the same thing. He married Dona Eduvina, a wealthy old woman who loves him. But, she dies after marrying him and Franco becomes the sole heir of the Eduvina’s wealthy. The Reyes brothers with their couples then move to Hacineda Trueba, which was owned by Eduvina.
Finally, Eva, the family’s head of housekeepers, confesses to Gabriela that she knew the true intention of the Reyes brothers was to take a revenge to the Elizondo. This revelation also reveals the truth about Eva who had given her only daughter, Ruth to an adoption, 20 years ago Then Eva fired by the family.


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