Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 2


Juan and Norma are on the restaurant when Gabriela appears. Gabriela is shocks and angry when she sees Norma's son in Juan's arms. Then Gabriel confronts this couple.

This heating debate is taken by Norma as the opportunity to confess that she loves Juan and they have a son, so there are nothing Gabriela could do about it. Norma also confesses to Jimena that she loves Juan and what they fell are true. Months pass, and without the blessing from Gabriela, Norma and Juan baptize their son. This event attended by the Reyes and Elizondos.
While, Dinora, persuaded by Gabriela, by all means tries to seduces Juan, so Juan will leave Norma. But Juan ignores her since his hearth only for Norma, the mother of his son.
Meanwhile, Oscar manages to win back his wife. He arranges to participates in an advertisement in which Jimena starred. But, when Jimena find out that Oscar comes on the location, she refuses to finish the shoot. Oscar forces Jimena to speak privately. This young couple then fused on their feeling and have a passionate moment.
In other place, Rosario not happy with her husband, Armando, goes to the Treasury Tryeba, to wins back Franco’s heart, but he absolutely refuses to starting over their relationship. In fact, Franco get attracted by Sarita and so Sarita does.


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