Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 3


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After the baptismal of their children, Norma and Juan celebrate it. But only The Reyes, Jimena and Sarita and their grandfather, Martin who attend the celebration. Franco takes this event as the opportunity to strike up a conversation with Sarita, but Sarita ignores him.
A few days later, Leandro organizing a party to inaugurate a center of fashion and Elizondo sisters with The Reyes attend this party. Oscar loose his patient when he watches Jimena has a romantic conversation with a young man. She is teasing the young man to having a romantic encounter and he accepts it. But, actually Jimena only want to provokes her husband. Oscar angry and ask an explanations. This couple has an argue, it’s going heating and then they separate.
Meanwhile, Franco and Sarita incidentally meet on this party. Franco is so attracting to her, approach her and gives a compliment. Sarita tries to avoid him, but finally succumbs to the charms of Franco. This situation end with a kiss. When leaving the party, Franco is kidnapped by Armando’s men. One of Armando’s men then points his gun to Franco’s head. Sarita who sees what happened, trying to releases him. After that, this two young couple goes to Hacienda Trueba and they are fused by their felling, share a passionate kiss.
In other place, Norma decides to leave Elizondo’s house and lives with Juan. Dinora, with the help of Gabriela, tries to prevents her, says that she and Juan have an affair. Norma, who can’t believe it, feels hurt and disappointed with Juan.


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