Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 4


Disclaimer : This episode guide, which taken from Antena3.com, was translate from Spanish into English. So, please aware about the translation’s inaccuracy due to the tool’s imperfection.
After suffering two attacks, Franco suspicious that Armando is the mastermind the incident, and then goes to the bar to confronts Armando. Then these two men argue with Rosarios as the subject. Trying to attack Franco, Armando is beaten by Reyes’ employees. And then he has to hospitalized. On the hospital, Armando tries to attack Rosario and he accuses that his wife was trying to met Franco.

Then the Reyes brothers come to the Dinora’s parents ranch, to apologize about the last incident that they attended. But Dinora’s father berates Juan and accuses Juan had molested his daughter. Juan assures her parents that he never abuse Dinora and had nothing to do with the attack that they suffered. When they are talking, Gabriela and Dinora arrive with Norma.
Gabriela and Dinora take the opportunity to add fuel to the fire. Gabriela apologizes about what happen between Norma and Juan, and convinces Dinora’s parents that still a great love between Juan and Dinora. Norma is very hurt, and, ultimately, just really believes that there is something between the father of her son and Dinora. And that their relationship more than just a friendship.
Oscar and Franco concern about their brother’s problem. They are talking to Jimena and Sarita respectively, these two couples are trying to solve the problem between Norma and Juan. In the end, after considers carefully, Norma comes to the Trueba hacienda to reconciles with Juan. What this elegant woman doesn’t know is that there is Dinora who very furious cause she has been attending the party but the host-Juan-not welcomes her.
Instead, there are Oscar and Franco who come with the intention to arouse the envy of Dinora by telling her, that there is only one love in Juan’s life : Norma. Taking this situation as an opportunity, John with the help from Eva, unmask the true face of Dinora, in front of Norma. Juan confesses that he never attracted to her. This young man asks her to not continues her plan to harassing and persecuting him, because his heart only for one woman : Norma. This young couple then back to their home, reconcile. Further, Juan asks her to get married and she agrees.
Finally, Raquel goes to the Trueba hacienda to forbids Eva from approach her daughter, Ruth. She is persecuting her with reminds her that she had lost her right as a mother years ago when she had given Ruth for an adoptions. While in other place, Jimena confesses to Norma that she won’t divorces with Oscar because she still loves him. And, Martin Acevedo suffers a heart attack when he goes to Armando’s bar with Pepita.


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