Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 5


Disclaimer : This episode guide was translate from Spanish into English. Please aware about the translation’s inaccuracy due to the tool’s imperfection.

Antonio, Ruth’s boyfriend comes home and announces their relationship. The culprit is Raquel, who trying to prevent Ruth from approach Oscar. So, she reported a fake marriage status to the Antonio’s parent. These make Ruth upsets and leaves her mother, and then seeks a refuge to the Reyes’ hacienda. Her presence shock everyone who believe that they see the Libia’s ghost. Realizes that Ruth escapes, Raquel hysterically seeking her daughter from one house into another.

Sarita and Franco share a romantic evening to declare their love : that both of them will give anything to be together and nothing can separate them. What they do not expect is that there are thugs who want to end Franco’s life. So, there is a dispute in the restaurant. Motivated by his love to Sarita, Franco manages to save himself.
Be sides the thugs, apparently there is Fernando, who has been spying this couple. But, he incidentally get caught by Rosario. Rosario is not happy with fact that Franco won’t go back to her because he loves Sarita. So, this bar’s singer manages to escape from Armando’s house and goes to Elizondo’s ranch and faces the woman who stoles her man. But, not only Rosario that will be a threat, Fernando warns Gabriela that her daughter has a relationship with Franco. Sarita defends herself, that she will tell the truth when she sure about her feeling. Gabriela warns her daughters who have been falling in love with the Reyes, that they will ruin their live if they continue their relationship.
Olegario and Fernado have a fight. Gabriela defends Fernando and fires Olegario. The Elizondo sisters advise him to seek a job at the Reyes ranch. So, Jimena accompanies him to the ranch. There, she sees Ruth and Oscar and becomes jealous about the attraction between Ruth and Oscar.
Rosario’s life is in danger. Armando has ordered Memo to kills Rosario. Although he didn’t succeed, Memo lie to Armando, says that he has killed her.


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