I bet that You Want Them Badly


The most wanted casts on Indonesian Foreign Shows

Yes, I bet that you want these actors and actresses badly. Before we are going forward, I want to make it clears. I am not talking about local Indonesian most wanted celebrities, but the casts of some TV Series which have been airing on Indonesia recently. There is Pasion De Gavilanes a.k.a Hidden Passion
I will help you find a way to contact them and give some information about them. Here we go :

Male Actors :

Mario Cimarro

Mario Cimarro played as Juan Reyes in Hidden Passion which has been airing on Indosiar. Mario Antonia Cimarro was born on June 1, 1971 in Havana, Cuba. He had married with Natalia Streignard from 1999-2006 (Divorced ? )
Visit his official website
Visit his profile at MySpace
Read his biography
Juan Alfonso Baptista 

Juan Alfonso Baptista played as Oscar Reyes in Hidden Passion. Juan A. Baptista(born Juan Alfonso Baptista Díaz on September 9, 1976 in Caracas,Venezuela) is a Venezuelan actor best known for his roles in Pasión de Gavilanes and La Mujer En El Espejo.
Read His Biography
Visit his Official Website (Unfortunately, he doesn’t create yet).
Visit his MySpace Profile
Michel Brown 

Michel Brown played as Franco Reyes in Hidden Passion. Michel Brown (born Misael Browarnik Beiguel on June 10, 1976 in Buenos Aires, Argentina) is an Argentinian actor. Brown became one of Latin-America and Spain’s most popular performers after starring as Franco Reyes in the popular telenovela, Pasión de Gavilanes.
Read His Biography
Unfortunately, he doesn’t has official website yet. You can visit article about him on Telemundo
But I will update the information about him if he will create official website or Facebook or MySpace profile.
Female Actresses
Danna Garcia 

Danna Maria Garcia Osuna was born February 4, 1978 on Bogota, Colombia. She is a Colombian actress and singer. The daughter of Colombian singer Claudia Osuna, she began her career at the age four. She played as Norma Elizondo in Hidden Passion.
Read Her Biography
Visit Her Official Website
Visit Her MySpace’s Profile
Paola Rey
Paola Andrea Rey born December 19, 1979 on Bucaramanga, Santader is a Colombian Actress. She had worked in the Colombian Telenovela, Hidden Passion as Jimenna.
Read Her Biography
Visit Her Official Website
Note : Please be careful when you are googling about Paola Rey. There is an adult Brazillian’s star named Paola Rey too. Remember our Paola Rey is a Colombian actress not Brazillian adult star. I think you know exactly what I’m talking about.
Anna Lucia Dominguez

Ann Lucía Dominguez. She was born on December 2, 1983 in Santa Fe of Bogota, Colombia. She is an actress and model. It measures 165 cm high. Hers eyes are of color a honey and his faded hair of dark chestnut-colored color. She played as both Libia and Ruth in Hidden Passion.
Read Her Biography
Unfortunately, there is no official website of Anna Lucia Dominguez yet. I will update soon if there is official website
Is there any actress or actor that you want to know but not mention in the list above ? Let me know...


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