When Losers be Heroes

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How The TV Series and Movies Represent Losers.

There are many TV Series and Movies which describe the under expectations persons (who we like to called them losers) be the heroes. While in the opposite describe some heroes icon on the American’s culture as the losers. I’m not talking about how bad U.S.A. image today. What I’m talking is about some nerds who anti social or under expectations and usually be victims on High School. And the opposites are football team captains and cheerleaders who usually infamous, and be society’s hope.

Chuck Official Wallpaper
The two TV Series on this decade, which describe what I mean above, are Chuck and Reaper. The two main characters are Chuck and Sam. Chuck is under expectation person who had expelled from Stanford University, works at Buy More. While Sam is under expectation person who works at Work Bench. If Sam has his losers team with Sock and Ben as the members, Chuck has his loser friend, Morgan.
Our two losers got lucky or -unlucky on their point of view -when something happen on them. His ex roommate and turncoat agent, sent to Chuck the Intersect which made his head be most wanted head on the nation. The ordinary Chuck who usually rejected by women, changes into valuable asset for Government and has to be protected. If it is not shocking enough, he now has a fake relationship with the gorgeous secret agent, Sarah who later truly falling in love to him. His ordinary live changes into a dangerous and day after day adventures.

While our another loser, Sam, who usually playing game to filling up his time, on his 18th birthday had selected by the Devil to be a reaper. Our loser guy becomes Devil’s hunter to collects evil souls and sent them back into the Hell. If it is not shocking enough, it later reveals that he is the Devil’s son.
The same story happens with our dear paramedic, Peter Petrelli, who disappointed his father because prefer to be a nurse than a lawyer. This under expectation son turn out to be our powerful hero of the show, who has the ability to suck out other’s ability. Not only him who apparently under expectations, his naive and passionate fellow, Hiro was on the same situation. Until he became the key person, who his ability can used to save the world.
Although on the first time, they thought what happen to them are disasters, but they show us that we can counting on them. That the society was wrong about them.
One thing that I am curious about is what the main intention of the script writers so they create the characterization likes that. Did they had been on the same situations like their main characters ? Or it just their critic to our society expectation and social values, which to highly honored some athletes like football player or beauty pageant contestants and under estimate some people who don’t have a good social ability, and unique ?
What do you think readers ? I challenge you to analyze this.


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