Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 10


The Elizondo against Fernando

Jimena, who leaves the hospital and arriving at the farm accompanied by Oscar, is surprises to see her mother and Fernando there. They have return from their honeymoon. Oscar and Gabriela argue about his decision to lives with her daughter, Jimena. This woman eventually decides to stay with her sisters to face Fernando. And Sarita, Norma dan Juan are attacked again by unknown.

Jimena still hospitalized after the accident she suffered with her sister and the Reyes. Oscar, who has been at her side all the time, persuades her to lives with him after she’s leaving the hospital. In the end, Jimena agrees with her husband’s request.

Meanwhile, Gabriela and Fernando are coming back from their honeymoon. Without the Elizondo know, this new couple have their first fight. Fernando has not paid enough attention to his wife and, moreover, has been unfaithful with another woman. On the farm, Gabriela is clashing sharply with Oscar when she discovers that his daughter, Jimena, will live with him. In the end, Jimena decides to stay with her sisters on the farm. Norma doesn’t approves the presence of Fernando at home. This jerk playboy intends to make her jealous with saying that Gabriela is a better wife than her. The Elizondo feel they are living like in the hell with the Fernando’s present, and trying to handle the situation with the tremendous support from the Reyes brothers.
But, Sarita, Norma and Juan are attacked again by mysterious people. Juan decides to catch them, but fails. Meanwhile, Franco secretly meet with Rosario. He asks her if she has something to do with the recent incidents which happen to the Elizondo and Reyes, the singer says that she totally unawares of what happen lately. While Ruth suspects that Dinora is the master behind what happened.


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