Exclusive Interview with Tom Welling About Smallville Season 10

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Tom Welling's New Hairstyle in The CW Upfront

The CW press release informs that Season 10 will be the final of Smallville, but this breaking heart news not keep our star Tom Welling from telling us at The CW Upfronts event that 2011 might not be the end of Clark Kent’s journey. Lets read the interview between Tom and PopWrap :

PopWrap: The network announced next year will be "Smallville’s" final season -- bittersweet?
Tom Welling: That’s the funny thing. I’m really excited we have a season 10 - and I don’t want to jump to the sadness of it maybe being the last one. But we actually don’t know. We’ve lasted this long because the of the fans, who knows, if enough people watch this year ... eleven sounds pretty good too!
PW: And Allison Mack will be back, right?
Tom: Allison will be back! Just in a more limited capacity. Don’t worry, Chloe will be a part of season 10.
PW: The show started out with a "no tights, no flight" rule from the creators, but you guys have found clever ways around that over the years. Any feelings about actually seeing Clark slip into red and blue spandex?
Tom: I think there’s always a possibility of that. For me, one of the reasons I’ve felt like the show has been so great is because it follows Clark’s journey into becoming Superman. So if that happens, it will be very late in the season - even possibly the very last thing you see on "Smallville."

PW: What would you like to see next season?
Tom: I’d like to see him get out of the trouble he got into at the end of last season [laughs]. But mostly I’d like to see him with Lex again, I’d like to see Michael [Rosenbaum] back. I think it’d be cool to see Lana and Lois in the same room, that would be very interesting for Clark to be a part of. There’s Justice League possibilities, there’s a lot going on. Ten will be a huge season!
PW: With the possible series finale, one would think you could bring everyone back.
Tom: I hope so! I hope they all feel that way. I’d love to see Annette [O’ Toole, plays Martha Kent] back more, Michael McKean [Perry White], John Schneider [Jonathan Kent] - all these guys. They’re all part of the family!
"Smallville" airs Fridays at 8pm on The CW

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  1. r10 said...:

    mantap.... belum selesai nonton season 9 nih.... sayang smallville terbentur budget produksi, kalo ga pasti akan banyak adegan terbang :)

  1. Ranu said...:

    @ r10
    yah begitulah...kadang2 terasa janggal juga. Tapi paling gak Smallville kan jujur alias tidak terlalu memaksakan diri..ya nggak?
    Artinya kalo gak sanggup ya mereka bilang gak sanggup

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