Hidden Passion Episode 1


Juan surprises when he finds money which Bernardo has given to Libya and thinks that his sister is selling herself

Bernardo, an older man, has a romantic relationship with Libya, the younger sister of the Reyes brothers. Her brothers finally find out the truth because the gossip from their neighbors who are shopkeepers. Juan surprises when he finds out about money which Bernardo has given to Libya and thinks that her sister sells herself for money.

Finally Libya confesses to her brothers that she has a relationship with a man. Meanwhile, Franco is hopelessly falling in love with Rosario, a singer in bar Alcali. He manages to spend a night with Rosario, when she gets home. While in other hand, Oscar has been preparing a blind date plan for Franco with a rich widow.
It’s later reveals that Bernardo has been married and has daughters. But, his marriage isn’t working well and he has been planning to get divorce with his wife, Gabriela. He decides to proposes Libya and get married with her.
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