3 Indonesian Urban Legends are appear in Supernatural Season 6


For my free e-Books which exposed the mythologies on Supernatural TV Series, I’ve been visited some websites, researched several topics, etc. The fact that Supernatural’s writers did wide researched on various mythologies were amazing. They had taken some many mythologies, cut those, then shaped it into something fresh.

But, I’m just wondering about how deep their research. Why? Because they weren’t included any of Asian mythologies, especially Indonesian mythologies. Do they know that horror movies in Indonesia are the most popular? Do they ever know that Indonesian producer drink horror cocktail for their breakfast? Too bad if they don’t know. It was about two years ago, Indonesia full with horror movies, and they even brought Japanese adult actress starred one of horror movie.

OK, because they didn’t know about the facts above. They are forgiven. But, because the new season will come soon, I have several ideas that I like to offer for the Supernatural’s writers, they should be grateful to me. The lists below are several Indonesian Urban Legends which are very popular among Indonesians for almost centuries. It would be great if some of these legends will appear in Supernatural:
1. Jelangkung
If you know about Voodo, then you will know about Jailangkung. I mean, if in Voodo, there is some ritual to hurt or attack people through a doll as a medium. So, it is almost similar with Jailangkung. Jailangkung is classic spiritual game from centuries. Its concept was to call a spirit with some spell, and then the spirit will using a doll as a medium to interact with us.
If fact, this game had become a pioneer of the Indonesian horror movies’ resurrection after almost two decades had vacuum. It was Rizal Mantovani’s movies Jelangkung, with the popular spell "Comes without picked, be left up without delivered". The people who are doing the ritual usually sing it.
Just imagine if Sam Winchester says the word "Jelangkung", then Dean with his confusion face is saying: "What did you say? I didn’t get it."
2.Kuntilanak (Banshee - Indonesian version)
Kuntilanak is Indonesian version of Banshee. It almost similar with Urban Legend about Lady in White or White Lady which initially had appeared in Supernatural Season 1. Kuntilanak in movies and FTV usually described as a woman in white gown, and a long hair. Usually lives in a tree. Indonesian society believe that this urban legend actually is a ghost of woman who died after gave birth. It usually appears to men as a beautiful woman who trying to seduce them.
While, Rizal Mantovani (again) has picked this urban legend into his movie, Kuntilanak. He had used different approach into this urban legend, described it as old woman with white hair. A spiritual creature that only can be called by a special person. To calling her, the person has to sing Javanese song (the song called durmo). In his trilogy, whenever this creature will appear, we can hear twitters. When the sounds are close, it means that she is far away. But, when the sounds are far away, it’s mean that she is near.
3. Tuyul
Tuyul also Indonesian Urban Legend, especially on Java Island. Javanese people believe that it’s actually a ghost from fetus of miscarriage woman. Or a baby who had died. People believe that tuyul can be kept by someone for various reasons, such as to stealing money. It usually describes as a kid or a midget person with bald head.
Now, I have been very generous to the writers since I’m suggesting that them should take the Urban Legends above. Now, it’s your turn to give your help. What the possible scenario if any of these Urban Legends appear on Supernatural?


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