Teresa (Telenovela) Episode 3


Episode Guide for Telenovela Teresa

Aurora reiterates its friendship with Teresa

Aida (Margarita Magana) and Paulo (Alejandro Nones) swear to take revenge to Teresa (Angelique Boyer). Both of them feel embarrassed for what Teresa did to them, but eventually they don't anything. It because they think they won't be able to do anything.

Rosita explains to Refugio that analysis is requested in the gym for competition. But since it's not urgent, it will be given until Monday after the competition.

Rosita asks Johny to help her organizes a party.

Cuthbert asks Mariano a favor, while Ramon takes an opportunity to insist that this moment is the end of his career.

Teresa comes to the neighborhood and see Aurora (Anna Brenda Contreras) is accompanied by her chauffeur. Aurora then asks Teresa if Paulo made fun of her and if that she is OK. Teresa tells her that she is fine. And that what she experienced help her be stronger.

Aurora (Anna Brenda Contreras) says that social and economic statuses don't matter. Teresa doesn't believe her, saying that if she falls in love with someone who has different social status or economic status, their parents won't agree with the relationship.

Teresa tells Aurora that it's time for her to face her father and tells him that Teresa wants to study medicine. She confesses that she feels afraid to tell her father.

Genoveva advises Paulo that he should consider Aida seriously because the girl has the same social status with him.

Teresa is testing a dress that she made for Rosita with the help of Juana. Her mother convinces Teresa that it's her right to fight for something that she wants.


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