The Similarities Between Aang and Naruto


When we talk the differences between Aang and Naruto, I think people have known those very well. These are something obvious, so we don’t have to talk about it. But when we talk about the similarities, it would be need a lot of thoughts. Actually I had written about the similarity among Heroes, Naruto and Aang

But when we narrow it down between the two character of the infamous animated series, I found some, or at list what I thought as similarities. You might be think it differently. It’s OK, we can talk about it. So, let’s start the similarities between Naruto and Aang, shall we !

  1. The Air


 It recently revealed that Uzumaki clan was coming from the Whirlpool village. They are the masters of seals. The experts who have abilities to create various seals. Although their village's name is Whirlpool, but Naruto has a special chakra, which is air. The combination of his air chakra and rasengan have been created a deadly weapon.


It's something obvious that Aang is the last air bender. Or in another word, he has an ability to controlling and manipulating air.

So, both of them are the master of air. Both of them have the ability to controlling, manipulating and creating a deadly weapon, solely from the air.

  1. Child of Destiny / The Chosen  One

Naruto : 

It was a prophecy in disorder world of shinobi. There are two children. Both of them are the children of destiny. One will lead the world to the ultimate destruction, while the other one will lead the world to a completely new direction. This last child of destiny, The Choosen One, will bring peace and unity in this cursed world.

Initially, Jiraiya thought that the two children are Minato Namikaze (the 4th hokage) and Nagato. Indeed, Nagato, or well-known as Pain, is one of children of prophecy. He's the one who leads the world to the destruction. While, the other one, is Naruto.

Aang : 

Aang is an Avatar. The Chosen One who has responsibility to maintain the balance among the elements on the world. He is also the master of these elements, who has the ultimate ability to controlling them.

It's something obvious that our heroes have the same responsibility. The world put their hope into their shoulders.

  1. The Personalities

If you have heard or know about Tim La Haye theory about four temperaments, you will know that both of them are sanguine people. Naruto is sanguine choleric person. He is easy-going person, always cheerful, but on the other time he also ill- tempered.

While Aang is sanguine melancholic. He almost similar with Naruto : an easy-going person, cheerful, but he is also a sensitive guy. No wonder if Katara calls him little bit feminine.

Both of them have a persuasive character, who can influence and persuade people around them. The characteristic of a leader. In another word, they are charismatic people.

If they are having a chance to meet each other, I wouldn't surprise if they will be a best friend. So, what your opinion?


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