Hidden Passion Episode 4


Gabriela discovers that Eva has a picture of Libya

Libya decides to commit suicide, while her brothers are seeking her. Meanwhile, Gabriela discovers that Eva has a picture of Libya and knew everything. Initially, she is angry with her. But, when Eva wants to leave the ranch, Gabriela begs her to stay. The Reyes brothers get informed by the police that they found a body. They suspect it as Libya and ask the brothers to identify the body.

The Reyes brothers recognize the body of their sister, and swearing that they will take revenge on her grave. In other place, Fernando and Gabriela decide to put Don Martin in a nursing house. Norma who caught this action, confronts her mother and her husband. Expresses her rejection about this plan, while Martin is yelling and begging, refuses to go to nursing house. Finally, Martin keeps stay to the Elizondo’s house.
While, in another situation, Gabriela believes that she could help saves her daughter’s marriage. She thinks that she would build a hut for Fernando and Norma, so they can live together as a couple. But, Norma doesn’t agree about his mother’s plan. In other place, a police tells the Reyes that Bernardo died and he was married.
The Reyes finally decide to take revenge to the Elizondos.


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