Interview : Danna Garcia talking about Christmas

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After Googled around, I found an interesting post on a forum about Danna Garcia’s interview. The interview talked about Christmas, and how she usually celebrates it. So, let’s read about it :
The ideal place to spend Christmas.

The house of my parents.

Your most memorable Christmas

When we were at Disney, the whole family with Mickey Mouse ...

The best gift you have made

The best gift is when in any country where I have been working has comes someone from my family to share with me, if not leave you alone, and sacrifice other things to be with you, those are my greatest gifts.

The best gift you have made

Well I have a surprise, I think that’s the best gift I made for my family, arriving unexpectedly surprised.

Ideal dinner

Oops ... Colombian a great dinner. Pudding, fritters. My sister and I always cook different things, so basically the sour cream and donuts are a must, next to the crib and the tree.

How old were you discovered that Santa was a lie?

I never found out, I’m not aware of that moment was. Maybe it was already great, was recorded and now the Santa Claus was dressed in the scene, so there is no exact record.

What do you imagine Santa Claus?

Igualiiiiiiiiiito. An elderly gentleman barbudito, chubby. There must be a Santa Claus ... I think jajajajajaja.

What personality invite them to your Christmas table?

I could not tell. The thing is ... is a special moment, I believe that only invite one person, who really wants to share and feel the same emotion that we feel at Christmas. It is a very familiar, I know not to invite personalities, perhaps none. I find it a time when family is not a time to party, is a family thing.

A typical Colombian Christmas ...

Crib, donuts, custard, Singing carols with "Tutaina Tuturuma" with "Anananitanana ..." in the manger.
We always give gifts, it is time to gather, to share with your family.


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