CW Connect : Interview with Nina Dobrev Part 1


On this video interview, Nina answered several question from the fans. I presume that the interview probably done between episode pilot to episode 12 Unpleasantville. Why? Because, Nina did another interview on the set when they were filming the episode.

I'm tried to write down the transcript, but some words are slipped and hard to catch by my ears. So, here several questions and answers:

Does Elena suspect something with Stefan is not quite right ?
Nina Dobrev : Elena had absolutely no idea that her boyfriend is a bloodsucker. She doesn’t know exactly why, but she attracted to him. He’s intriguing, smart, and little creepy when he’s showed up in front her door- I mean Elena’s scares, but in the same time, she likes him. But, he’s so mysterious, he’s always so vague about everything- that kind of bothering for her.

Everyone in the show is very tense and jumpy.  Does that extend behind the scenes, or can you have fun? 

ND : We’ve on the set actually cool and fun. We such a young casts and great crew people that-you know-laughing. It’s not very serious. We’re very serious when we working, but it’s not too serious in senses like we not having fun. I mean work it’s basically a game that we played.

How much do you know about what will happen to your character in upcoming episodes? Did you read all the books?

ND : We have to going every week and we shocked. Even know, I mean I read the books so know basically where we going and have an idea where is she going. But it still, we still be surprised when we on the set and watching the show. I mean the first time I saw the pilot, there is a girl who running and get picked up by Damon, I…it’s creepy.

How will your show be different from Twilight and True Blood?

ND :Our show is pretty much aware of the pop culture phenomenon. Our characters are living on the Mystic Falls, but they are living in the “now”. So they know about the movie “Twilight”, they know that Heath Ledger passed away


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