Hidden Passion Episode 11


Franco doesn't know what happened, or who attacked him. 


The children of shopkeepers found Franco wounded, so they take him home. From there, Juan and Oscar take him to a hospital. Jimena is really sad when she finds out what happens to Franco. Meanwhile, Norma speaks to Juan, offering to help pay Franco's hospital care cost and also apologizes that she was rude to him before.
Gabriela also offering the Reyes money, but Juan refuses the money. Oscar's trying to convince his older brother to accept the money since their younger brother really need it. When he sobers, Franco confesses that he didn't know what happened to him or who attacked him. While his brothers believe that Rosario has something to do with what happened to him.
So they go to the bar, telling what happened and trying to get some information from Rosario. Rosario confronts Armando about it, who then, begging her not to leave him. Eventually, the Elizondo offering Franco to transfer him to the better hospital.


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