Hidden Passion Episode 12


Norma worries that her younger sister is in love with a Reyes.

Benito and Leandro are visiting the Elizondo, but Sarita and Jimena not happy about their visit at all. They even tell their mother that they want to visit Franco on the hospital. While, the Uribe's nephews arrival and engagement plan with Sarita and Jimena make Oscar fears that Jimena not interested anymore with Franco.

Rosario arrives at her apartment only to find that Armando has destroyed everything. Meanwhile, Jimena is visiting Franco. Norma starts to worry that her youngest sister is interested in one of the workers. Oscar suggests that Franco keeps approach Jimena so he can marry her and get the Elizondo's fortune.

In the end of episode, The Reyes are defending a woman who is accused as a thief by a customer. And then, offering her to work for Reyes as a housekeeper.


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