Interview with Ian Somerhalder and Candice Accola

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Ian and Candice has interviewed by different webs about the dynamic changes around Damon and Caroline. The great thing is although they have interviewed on different times, places and webs, they talked about several similar things. About how relationship between Damon and Caroline changes now after she became a vampire. About how The Salvatore will band together with Caroline to face Katherine's treat.

Candice Accola 

Candice interviewed by Show Tracker. She dished to us about how it feels to play a vampire, Caroline's relationship with Bonnie, Matt and her mother. And also about the possibilities to cross path with Katherine. And also about her relationship with Stefan after what Stefan has said to her.

Read her interview with Show Tracker 

Ian Somerhalder 

Ian interviewed by Pop Wrap about Damon's future that will be on misery on this second season. Also, that he will band together with his younger brother to protect Mystic Falls and Elena from Katherine. Also, he dished about the new relationship between him and Jeremy Gilbert.

Read his interview with Pop Wrap


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