More Spoilers and Interviews for The Vampire Diaries Season 2

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Spoilers and Interview with our hot male casts

Get overwhelming? Or desperate for wanting more? After some spoilers list that I've posted before the premiere event, there are many more interviews and spoilers. So, I decide to create another lists, so fans outside US can catch up the information for the second season. Here, the list:

1. Interview with Taylor Kinney, our new hot uncle.

Zap2It has interviewed our new hot actor, Taylor Kinney, who play Uncle Mason Lockwood, talking many things about his character and why he is on the Mystic Falls. How the relationship that he will have with the Salvatore brothers and about Mason's love interest:

Nina Dobrev and Taylor Kinney on the set. Courtesy of Nina Dobrev

Mason going to tangle with the Salvatore brothers?
Yes. Historically, the Lockwoods and the Salvatores haven't gotten along. For his own peace of mind, Mason tries to be the mediator. He's a relaxed kind of guy, but he knows that he can snap at any minute, so he tries to keep things level. The Salvatores are trying to figure out why I'm here, aside from Tyler, you know, Mason's got his own thing going on. They're putting it all together. There are little things that we find out - Mason isn't just in town to take care of Tyler. Everybody has an agenda. When the Salvatores push, at some point, Mason is going to push back. Getting bombarded by Damon or Stefan is never a good thing. I'm thinking there will definitely be fisticuffs.

Read the rest of interview

2. Interview with Ian Somerhalder, our sexiest beast.

Our sexiest beast has been doing a lot of interview session with different sites and magazine. Talking about Damon and how he will unstable and scared in this season :
Interview with The Wallstreet Journal :
Ian discuss little bit about what will happen with Damon in the second season and about his project on Go Green Mobile. Read the interview
Interview with TV Squad :
Ian tells us what side that Damon choose : Elena or Katherine. He also tells us about the relationship between Katherine and Damon in this present day :
Katherine ... is it bad that I just love to hate her?
Katherine is just one of those individuals you don't want to f*** with ... excuse my language, that you don't want to messwith. I thought Damon was badass and just wrong in so many ways. Katherine is a sadistic, selfish bitch, and she is gonna play them like a fiddle. And she crushes Damon ... she does, she crushes him ... over and over and over again. [Laughs] Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. At this point, it's like 10 -- shame on me! [Laughs] Shame on Damon! He feels like such an idiot. And when we feel that stupid, what do we do? We lash out like a petulant child, you know?
Read the interview
Interview with Zap2It :
Well, Ian says that Damon will heart-broken on this season. If not because Katherine, it's because Elena. Because these two hot ladies are saying the same things : "It's Stefan. It always Stefan!" Read how Damon will manage his broken heart. (Read the interview who Elena would choose between the Salvatore brothers according Nina Dobrev)
Read the interview


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