More Spoilers about The Vampire Diaries Season 2

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Interview with Kevin Williamson, Julie Plic, Ian Somerhalder, Michael Trevino, Steven R. McQueen and more

Are you ready for The Vampire Diaries Season 2? As it will airing September, 9th 2010, there are many spoiler popping out. And these spoilers though give you some information, it also makes us want more. Here, some spoilers that I can get:

1. Pop Sugar wrote down an outline from the Comic Con 2010 interview, resuming all the major first spoilers. If you don’t have a chance to watch the videos which popping out on the Internet about this event, this resume might be help you. Read the outline.
This year, the threesome change into a gang bang
If you like to watch the event by yourself, LittleRavenHawk has uploaded five videos about this event :
The Vampire Diaries Comic Con 2010 Part 1-Part 2- Part 3-Part 4- Part 5

2. Pop Damage interviewed Kevin Williamson and Julie Plic, the executive producer and writer of TVD.
Kevin and Julie talking a lot about Katherine. Why do she come back? Does she have other reasons or she only backs for the Salvatore brother? Or where did she go from more than a century?
Kevin Williamson: "....Everything’s a surprise. She comes back and pretty much stated why she was back. It will be fun to sort of watch that play out. If you watched our show in the past, you know there’s always more than one reason someone’s there and some of the motives of our characters. It’s a huge journey."
That’s just a little bit about what both of them have discussed. They are also talking about why Mystic Falls full with supernatural creatures and some characters’ development such as Jenna, Alaric, Tyler and Bonnie. Read the rest of interview.

3. interviewed Ian Somerhalder and Michael Trevino about the development of their character. Ian said that this season we will see Damon scared, while Michael Trevino said that this season is about Tyler and werewolf. That’s interesting, as we knew that this season also the year of Kat. It looks like this season will covering many things. Can we handle all of these? Read the rest of interview.

4. The TV Chick also interviewed Steven R. McQueen. After be a fragile little brother of Elena, Steven said that this season, Jeremy has ability to push back. And that he is on the way to find how to channeling his negative energy into something new. Well, does it mean that he will bring more trouble or less for Elena? Read the rest of interview

5. Many more spoilers. Read the interview with Taylor Kinney (Mason Lockwood) and Ian Somerhalder, talking about what happen with their character on this season.

See the full list of The Vampire Diaries articles to find out the other news, articles and soundtrack for this new season.

I hope all these spoilers enough to make you want more. Just take a time and read those spoilers slowly. Thanks to about the info.


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