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Let’s kill, Katherine!

Spoilers warning !
OK, Katherine has messed everyone’s life up so everyone pissed off. Especially after what she did to Jenna. But, that isn’t enough to force them to do something to her. On the normal situation, our characters probably would think 1000 times to find out the perfect way to handle her. Yeah, it’s before they heard what she’s going to do with the town people.

The threat

Katherine wants Caroline to deliver a message to the Salvatore brothers. "What was the message?" Stefan asks. Well, it's obvious. She wants the moonstone. If they don't give it to her, she will rip the town apart until it rains blood. When? Tonight, she says, at the masquerade ball. Well, when I heard Katherine said that, I was imagined that she will vamp out and rips everyone's throat. OK, they now don't have any choices.
I like the way Damon and Stefan handle this. When Damon says that he will go to the party and kills Kat. Stefan's not allow him. "Don't give me the goody-goody crap!" Damon says.
"You're not gonna kill her!" Stefan says.
"Oh, really?" Damon asks and stares his baby bro with his unique styles.
 "Because I am!" Stefan says.

Katherine’s plan

Come on! We know several things about Katherine. She probably came from Russia or Bulgaria. And we know that those countries are good on the strategy game such as chest and other games.
So, it very obvious that she is a planner. She’s smarter, stronger and always acts  carefully. She kills or not kills, seduces or not seduces, everything is with a purpose. If we talk about strategy, she’s the winner.
She knows that Damon and Stefan have a Bennet witch. And that they wouldn’t give the stone without a fight. So, she calls a backup. Guess who? Yes, a witch Lucy.

The bad ass team plan

Jeremy pissed to Elena when his sister naively believes that Katherine won't do anything to them because she gives her ancestor what she wants. So, he leaves out the house. Apparently, he is heading to the boarding house. When Bonnie arrives because Stefan's message, she confuses about what happens. Then, Jeremy shows up and answers her, " We're gonna kill Katherine!"
Funnier thing happens when Stefan says that he could explain. "Please!" Bonnie asks. He answers with his serious innocent face, " We're gonna kill Katherine!"
Well, all characters (except Elena) are there. Alaric, Caroline, Jeremy, Damon and Stefan. We know that Bonnie hesitant to join the bad ass team. She's not enjoy all the vampires and witches stuffs. She doesn't want to get trapped on the middle of all these. So, Stefan tries to persuade her. We know that there are only two people who Bonnie would listen on the situation like this: Elena and Stefan. Elena isn't there, so Stefan tries his best. They need her to cast a spell to trap Katherine just like what Emily did to the tomb vampires.
The goal is simple: to keep Katherine as far as possible from innocent people. So, the bad ass team could "easily" handle her without have to worry about humans life.

At the masquerade ball

In case that you forgot about the last episode. Kat has a plan for Tyler and it's involving Matt. She compels him and tells Matt to force Tyler to kill him. In other place, Bonnie and Jeremy are preparing one room in upstairs so they could trap Katherine there. Meanwhile, The Salvatore brothers are looking for Katherine.
Stefan is the first one who finds her. Or probably Katherine deliberately comes to Stefan. Both of them are arguing about the moonstone. Stefan wants both of them looking for it together. While Katherine wants him to get it for her.
In the middle of argument, Aimee suddenly appears. She's looking for Matt and because she can't find him, asks Stefan about him. Katherine then kills her with some full-blooded martial art technique that we used to see on classic Chinese Kung Fu movies. She practically kills her with two simple moves from behind. One move, she paralyzed Aimee's waist down. And the second, directly kills her.
Wow, I thought the definition of rip the town apart so it rains blood is that she will vamp out and rips everyone's throat. But, it’s something beyond my imagination. And also beyond Stefan's imagination as well. I think he felt sorry because he wasn't visiting China or Japan before he came back to Mystic Falls because now he couldn't do anything to outmatch her ability.
What happened to Aimee makes Stefan hesitant about the plan. But, Damon tries to convince him.

Jeremy and Caroline's part

It's the time for Jeremy and Caroline to be a part of this battle. It also the first time for Jeremy to meet Katherine. Jeremy delivers Stefan's message that Damon and he are waiting for her on the Lockwood's lake.
Of course, Katherine isn't that stupid. So, she manages to get some info from her ex-minion, Caroline. After little bit "persuasive act," Katherine knows that Bonnie has the stone and that she's upstairs. She drags Caroline to show her where the stone is.

Elena finds out what happened

Where the hell is Elena? You might want to know about it. Well, she's with Alaric and Jenna at home. Stefan asked Alaric to keep an eye on Elena, so she won't come to the party. But, it just matters of time when she finally suspicious and thinks something is happens. Especially when she finds out that Jeremy went to the party even he hates a party. And no one calls her and been avoiding her all day.
She confronts Alaric. He is totally a bad liar. Alaric’s answers only make Elena more suspicious especially when Alaric says that Stefan went to the party too. His best answer is: "Just let this one go. OK, Elena?"
One thing that I know about her, when you forbid her to do something while you're not give her an explanation about it, she will do exactly what you forbid. So, she's sneaking out from the house and goes to Masquerade party. Just right after Jeremy's done deliver the message, she is hiding on the bush then shows up and drags her brother.

Katherine VS The Salvatore Brothers

Katherine walks into the room only to find out that she's trapped. It something fun to watch Caroline feels excited about the fact that she finally succeeded to fool her. Stefan already waiting for her.
Katherine mocks his attempt to kill her, doesn't realize that Damon's  behind her and shoot her with Alaric's weapon. And he successful. Wait! Is Katherine that stupid, believed what Caroline said and walking into the room? I don't think so.
In my opinion, she just let herself get trapped and hurt by Damon. Just right after Katherine's back shot by Damon, Elena's back suddenly bleed. And when Katherine's arm is be sliced by Stefan, Elena's arm also bleed. Elena's screams while Bonnie and Jeremy panic. Bonnie then realizes that Katherine somehow is linked with her doppelganger. She asks Jeremy to go to upstairs and stops the battle. Just about the time when Damon will stake her heart.
It later reveals that Katherine asks Lucy to cast a spell to link her with Elena. Jeremy informs Bonnie about this.

Witch VS Witch

Bonnie furious and looks for Lucy. She already suspicious to her when the first time she got a "weird wave" after finished prepare the spell. Unfortunately, there are no witches battle on this scene. Lucy doesn't want to fight her. But, Bonnie is in the point that she would do anything she could for Elena. These two witches finally find out a way to deal with it.

Past revealed

The trio are running out of time and dealing with an awkward moment. Katherine tries her best to manipulate these brothers with the fact that Damon's in love with Elena. But, they not buying it.
Instead, Stefan finally finds out about the truth about the moonstone. He starts to interrogate her, bombs her with questions. I notice that she is cornered by Stefan's question. But, she's always dodging his questions and even tells him a little secret about the past. How she has been stalking him years after years, including on 1987 when he went to a Bon Jovi  concert with Lexi. And seductively(God, she’s so sexy when she do it) says “I love you!’ with her mouth motion to Stefan.
Damon get jealous. Katherine said before that she feels inconvenient with his obsession to her. And now she's telling them that she's been watching Stefan for distant and ignored Damon who has been spending the last 145 years to find her. One thing that sure, the moonstone is a bargaining tool with whoever she's running from.

Tyler kills who ?

Matt tries his best to make Tyler furious. Well, for all this time I know that he is such a gentleman. But, he could be a jerk. Tyler also tries his best to avoid the fight with him. But, Matt is unstoppable.
On the middle of fight, Caroline comes and interferes with the fight. When she sees that Matt isn't himself and so determined on this not makes sense fight, Caroline knows that he is being compelled. So, she takes him down.
Unfortunately, Katherine not only use  Matt, but also Sarah. Sarah stabs Tyler, and he just tries to defend himself causing unexpected result. Sarah dies.

Elena's kidnapped

Lucy shows up and tells her that the spell is gone. And she gets the moonstone. She will give it after makes sure that when she hands it, all her debt is over. Katherine says yes. But, something horrible happens when Katherine holds the stone.
"You should told me another witch involved." Lucy says while Katherine is in an unexplained pain, trembles and shaking. "She's a Bennet witch, Katherine. But, I'm sure you knew about it!" Lucy explains.
Then, Katherine just falls done and not move at all. Lucy explains that the spell that linked Elena and Katherine is broken and she's fine since Bonnie takes care her.
Stefan is so excited about the team's victory, so he looks for Elena with a hope that they could be together. But, Elena rejects him. She wants to make sure that everything and everyone is OK. So far, what Elena knows is that Katherine's gone. Stefan doesn't tell her that Damon is locking her on the tomb.
Katherine tries to prevent Damon from locking her, says that Elena in danger. "From who?" Damon asks. He's worries. But, something seems to lock her mouth for telling the truth. Damon thinks she lies just like usual.
'"Why do you think I haven't killed her?" Katherine desperately asks Damon. "She's the doppelganger. She needs to be protected." she's desperately trying to convince him. I never saw her so desperate like this. But, Damon locks the door.
Without anyone could predict, when Elena's walking to her car, ready to get home, someone in a mask ambush her and takes her.
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