Blake Lively collects 300 pairs of shoes


Blake Lively is really infatuates with shoes. For her hobby, Lively willing to make a special wardrobe to store her collections.

Blake Lively feels happy when she could store all her shoes collection which about 300 pairs in a wardrobe (walk-in-closet).
An actress who plays Serena van der on a popular TV Series "Gossip Girl" confesses that she never feels burdened to spend her money on shoes. "I intentionally create "a house" for my beautiful shoes. I only have four old pairs of shoes which I had before, while the rest I bought since I moved to New York one and a half years ago," she says.
To get her favorite shoes collection, Lively usually tries the shoes property that she will use for Gossip Girl filming. "I will go into a locker room on the set, take pictures of the shoes that I love, then sends emails into my favorite store and says that I want that shoes," she adds on Showbiz Spy.


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