Blake Lively starts to replace Jeniffer Aniston


The USA TV Series not only dish up interesting storyline, but also boast the fashion side of their casts. Just like TV Series "Gossip Girl", the casts' fashion style have been becoming a trend among their fans. Not only that, Blake Lively's hairstyle now is mentioned as a hairstyle icon.

Blake's hairstyle also be called as new icon after Jeniffer Aniston's hairstyle when she played as Rachel on the famous TV Series "Friends" became a trend. In 90s Jeniffer Aniston's hairstyle had becoming a very popular icon and had followed by many women all around the world.
According to a hairstylist from New York, John Barret, Lively's tousled hairstyle is very popular for women on the USA. And even, there are many women who intentionally do hair extensions, so they could have a wavy hair likes Serena has.
"Blake Lively's hairstyle highly favored by many women because it's simple, but elegant and create a sexy image," John Barret says as quoted from Female First. Blake Lively hairstyle has been touted by many fashion critics. Her wavy and unravel hair looks always shinny. According to Barret, many women would spend US $ 1,500 for hair extensions, just so they could have a tousled hairstyle just like Blake Lively has.


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