Leighton Meester prefers a natural hairstyle


As a Herbal Essences' new face, Leighton Meester's hair would always look perfect. But, the Gossip Girl's star likes if her hair not always looks perfect. Instead, sometimes she wants it looks natural.

Leighton loves when her hair looks natural

Meester who plays as Blair Waldorft on the popular TV Series, Gossip Girl, says that she doesn't want her hair to look perfect all the time and prefer to have more natural hair.
"When we talk about my hair, I become an anti-glamour for it. On Facebook, I love if my hair is be styled with many flyaways," Leighton says as quoted by Femalefirst.
"I let my hair fall when I'm dancing. It looks so sexy, so many hair that falling when I move. I like to look like I have been traveling for view hours," she adds. This 24 years old woman also reveals how she doesn't like to use too many makeup if she has used lipstick.
"When I have used a lipstick, I don't need any makeup again," she adds. Leighton recently revealed that she will make her own fashion line and will cooperate with a designer.
"More I'm thinking about it, it sounds I don't know if it would be realized any time soon, but I really want to collaborate with someone. I always have ideas about some things like that. The problem is that I admire so many designers with some many different styles, it's hard to shape my intention. But, why not?" she says.


  1. Good for Leighton. It's not just women of color who prefer to go natural all of the time. :-)

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