Julie Plec : "Tyler isn't the only werewolf in the town!"


Again, Mandi Bierly from Hollywood Insider interviewed Julie Plec. Now, the producer teased about the werewolves. Yes, it's something that we are waiting for. On December 9th, we would see Tyler transforms into a werewolf and how it would shock Damon's world and our vampires in general.

We also know that the originals want to prevent the werewolves to break the curse of the moon. So, they hurry to find the doppelganger and break the curse of the sun. Does it mean there are another werewolves. Well, you would be surprised:
Plec says, laughing. “The transformation will happen, but it’s what happens after the transformation that leads us to our midseason cliffhanger. It’s what happens when a wolf makes an appearance to people we don’t want to see coming face-to-face with a wolf. It’s gonna really shake up the world of Damon specifically, and our vampires in general, with the werewolf being their natural enemy. It’s gonna start a new chapter of our show. Tyler won’t be the only werewolf in Mystic Falls by the time we get into the New Year.”
"And when we introduce down the road some werewolves who have been schooled through their family bloodlines for generation upon generation upon generation, they’re gonna have a much darker point of view about the vampires than somebody like Mason and Tyler, who stumbled upon their curse accidentally.”
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