Hidden Passion Episode Guide Part 12


Fernando tries to rape Jimena

The Elizondo sisters warn her mother about the recent situation and Fernando helps Dinora so she can hide from The Reyes Brothers. Finally, Jimena confronts her mother’s husband only to discover that he has lent his horse to Rosario. Fernando tries to rape Jimena.

Jimena and Fernando argue strongly when she finds out that Rosario has taken his horse to traverse the Elizondo hacienda. Then Fernando tries to rape Jimena, luckily Sarita stops him. Sarita distrust Carmela after searching the room to find Martin. Norma and Sarita then confront her and Malcolm. While, Gabriela loses her temper when she discovers that the new employees don’t do their work correctly.
Meanwhile, Fernando organizes a party at the farm and there Dinora appears without Fernando’s knowledge. Her action made him angry and the Elizondo sisters visit the Reyes brothers and they admit their concern about their mother’s welfare. After return to their home, they realize that Fernando stills with his gambling’s addiction, then they warn their mother.
In the barn of Elizondo’s ranch, Fernando and Dinora meet. Fernando hand over the key of a house that Armano has paid for it so she can live there. Jimena suspicious that Fernando meets a woman in the barn. While Dinora goes to Armando’s bar to gives thanks for Armando’s help and kisses him. This action shocked Rosario.
The singer then comes to the Elizondo hacienda to see Fernando and asking about what Armando did to Dinora. Fernando takes the opportunity of this situation to has horses riding with her. Jimena who knows this, decides to go after them and retrieve the horse. Jimena reach Fernando, but this man tries to rape her. But Sarita is arrives just on the right time to saves her sister. Meanwhile, Rosario, who continues riding the horse through the Elizondo’s land, meet with Franco incidentally and has a conversation with him. Then she falls off from the horse and tries to kiss Franco, but this young man rejects her.
Finally, Franco finds out what happened between Jimena and Fernando, then tells the situation to Juan and Oscar. Sees red, Oscar comes to Elizondo’s ranch to settle this problem with Fernando.

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