Leighton Meester in TDC Candler's 100 Most Beautiful Women


There are many lists of The Most Beautiful Women that issued by various organisations and media. Every year, various magazines and websites compete to hold surveys or doing internal discussions to determine whose the most beautiful women in the world. One of those is TC Candler.

Song Hye Gyo
Since 1990, this website routinely releases The Annual Independent Critics List of the Most Beautiful Faces. The unique thing, the election of these beautiful women not based on a survey, and not also because of their popularity. It claims that the list ordered from hundred celebrities from around the world, differs with another list which usually only contain Hollywood celebs. So, no wonder if in the TC Candler's 100 Most Beautiful Women, we often found names and faces which less familiar. That's because the women are celebrities from "the second numbers" countries such as India, Rusia, Israel, etc.

This year, something special happened. In the list, we can find Leighton Meester, the actress who best known for her role as Blair Waldrof in the popular TV Series "Gossip Girl". She's on the fourth position. Besides that, for the first time, there was Korean actress who listed in the list. She is Song Hye Gyo, who best known by her role on the Korean TV Series "Full House". Song Hye Gyo takes the 18th position, and even higher than Megan Fox. Megan only takes the 64th position. The beauty of Song Hye Gyo is touted as "a perfect beauty," and probably her name would be found in the top ten list for next year. The first position is taken by Camilla Belle.

Here, the list of top 20 :
1. Camilla Belle
2. Emma Watson
3. Tamsin Egerton
4. Leighton Meester
5. Alison Brie
6. Freida Pinto
7. Alice Eve
8. Emily DiDonato
9. Amanda Seyfried
10. Christina Hendricks
11. Kate Beckinsale
12. Marion Cotillard
13. Keira Knightley
14. Natalie Portman
15. Rose Byrne
16. Rihanna
17. January Jones
18. Song Hye Gyo
19. Emily Blunt
20. Rachel Weisz

So, what do you think, fans?


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