Julie Plec talks about The Vampire Diaries novels


What will and won't the producers take to the TV Series

Fans already know that there are many different things between the novels and the TV Series. And I think it's not only me who want to know if  we could find any mythologies on the novels that the producers would use. Apparently, TV Guide knew that fans want to know. So, they interviewed Julie Plec about it. They are talked about several things on the novels and then, Julie expressed her opinion whether or not those elements made it to the TV Series.

One example: They are talked about Bonnie and Damon. In the novel, they are developing friendship, and start to respect each other. Would the producers adapt it to the TV Show?

Will Damon and Bonnie grow closer?
Vampires and witches are notoriously enemies, but in Season 2, Bonnie (Katerina Graham) and Damon eventually teamed up to fight the bigger fight. The question is whether or not they will take it a step further and develop the close bond they do in the novels. Plec understands that theirs is a relationship important to book fans, but says, for now, they'll just remain frenemies. "The fun we have with them right now is [going] from two people who have absolutely no respect, admiration or love for each other, whatsoever, but because they share a common goal and share common loves, they come together and are willing to put their differences aside and work together."
Find out the others elements : Damon's crow, Matt and Elena's past relationship, Stefan and Elena's diaries, etc on TV Guide 


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