Michaela McManus : Jules only wants to get back at Damon for what he’s done to Mason


One thing that I have learned from The Vampire Diaries' fans is some of them feel threatened when a new and hot female character came to Mystic Falls. They always worry that the new female character will have something romantic with Damon.
Well, we knew from the last episode of this TV Series that Jules didn't have a romantic relationship with Damon (yet?). But, it doesn't make everything better, when the fans watched her threaten Damon. Entertainment Weekly interviewed Michaela McManus about this.

“The fans don’t really know how to respond to Jules because as much as she is tough and a threat to Damon, she is also coming back to avenge her friend’s death, so you can’t really blame her for that,” McManus says. “She’s not outright crazy or mean. She’s just trying to protect herself and get back at Damon for what he’s done to Mason.” Michaela says.
She also talks about Jules takes Tyler under her wings, a new character: Brady (Stephen Amell)  who also Jules' "special friend" and the possibility of having a shower scene with Ian Somerhalder. Read the interview on EW


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