Julie Plec : Why Damon wasn't seduced Elena?


In two last episodes of our favorite TV Series-The Vampire Diaries, Stefan locked in the tomb. He didn't have any choice than to ask his brother to protect Elena. No matter what happens and whatever it takes. Katherine said that he made a wrong decision. Why?  Well, fans and almost everyone in the bad ass team knows that Damon loves Elena.

Katherine even said that  "Damon would seduce Elena" was something sure. But, the fact was Damon didn't do it. Why?   Did he become softer? What was in his mind? TV Guide discussed this topic with Julie to find out what the producers have for this triangle love story :

Julie Plec: "One would think ... that Damon is flying high and really ecstatic about that. Maybe six months ago, yes, he would be over the moon, but I don't think so anymore."
Read the interview at TV Guide 


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