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After two weeks off for Thanksgiving, finally The Vampire Diaries back. I thought it would blow us like what they did on the premiere. But this episode wasn't that good. Although it still stinks with several shocking cliff-hangers and surprises.

Why it called "The Sacrifice"? Well, it because every character in this TV Series seems willing to sacrifice themselves for Elena. In other side, Elena is willing to sacrifice herself for them.

Dr. Martin skulks in Elena’s room

Elena is sleeping, but something shocks her. So, she wakes up to check it. Only to find out that it’s her history teacher, Alaric is naked. Yeah, you read it. Both of them are shocked when they accidentally meet.

It’s really an awkward moment. Alaric and Jenna think that there is no one who still awake. But, here Elena is. They are not notice if Dr. Martin, Luka’s father, is entering Elena’s room. He who actually makes Elena’s woke up. He steals her hair, picture and other personal stuffs.

The Salvatore brothers master plan

Elena is little bit surprises when she sees Damon and Stefan. They come by because they want to talk about their plan. If you forgot about what happened in the previous episode, I'll remind you.

Slater was calling Rose and told her that there is a way to de-spell the curse. And for that, they need the doppelganger, the moonstone and a witch. So, Damon and Stefan went into the tomb and talked with Katherine. The point is, they want to get the moonstone from Kat, and then de-spell the curse. Bonnie already said that she's willing to help them.

But, Elena doesn't want them to do that. In fact, she doesn't want anyone to do anything. Why? I think it because she feels that it's useless. Here, the difference among The Salvatore brothers and Elena. Elena saw what Elijah could do, and it beyond anything she ever saw. Damon and Stefan didn't see it and still think that they could handle it.

So, Elena believes what Kat said when she was describing Klaus. But, The Salvatore didn't.

Witches are channeling

After found out the fact about Luka and his father are warlocks, Bonnie starts to close with Luka. She even discusses her first experience as a witch. She tells him that magic's consume her physic.

Luka gives her a suggestion to handle it. It called channelling. When two or more witches join their powers together while they are borrowing the nature's powers. They even practice it together.

Elena's master plan

Well, apparently she also has another plan. She asks Rose to help her. She wants to meet Slater and digs more information. Rose initially refused, but after Elena promises to give something in return. It's something that she really wants. She finally agrees.

They come for nothing. That's what they realize when they find that Slater is dead. Elena's trying to access Slater's multi computers, but they are password protected. Luckily, there is Slater's girlfriend, Alice.

Alice is a human who has been dating him because she wants to be a vampire. So, when she found out that her boyfriend dead, she upsets. So, Elena persuades Alice to help her access the computers.

They find one vampire's name. Elena tells Alice to call him. "Tell him that we're trying to send a message to Klaus. The Doppelganger is alive and she's ready to surrender." Elena says.

"What?" Rose surprises. She thought Elena has a plan. But, she finds out that the plan is actually a suicide plan. Well, I think she actually doesn't care if Elena really surrenders. But, she can't imagine how Damon would react.

So, she changes her mind from helping Elena and calls Damon.

The attempt to get the moonstone

Bonnie's offering a good plan to Damon and Stefan. She demands any Katherine's stuff that the Salvatore brothers still have. She turns it into ashes which would paralyze Kat. Then, she will open the tomb's spell and The Salvatore brothers would paralyze Kat with the ashes.

It sounds good. But, Jeremy knows her condition and really worries. He was volunteer himself to retrieve the moonstone. With his magic ring, he wouldn't afraid about the risk. But, Damon rejected his suggestion.
So, our youngest Gilbert steals some of the ashes and goes to the tomb without anyone notices. He just shows up and tells Kat that he wants the stone. What do you think Kat would say? "Oh, do you want the stone? OK, I'll give it to you. Here, the stone. Catch it!"

Yeah, that's impossible. Kat challenges him, "If you want it, you're going to have to come here and get it!" Jeremy suddenly throws a stake with Alaric's tool to Kat. He successful, and Kat collapses.
In other place, The Salvatore brothers and Bonnie are ready. Rose calls Damon, just when he will enter the tomb. In the tomb, Stefan and Bonnie are preparing the ritual. But, Stefan is shocked when he finds the stone already outside the tomb.

Well, apparently Jeremy succeeded in get the stone. But, Kat caught him and fed on him. But, Bonnie and Stefan stick with their plan. Now it's not for the stupid stone, but for Jeremy. But, Bonnie is failing to open the tomb. Finally, Stefan has to enter the tomb and throw Jeremy out. Of course, he finally stuck in the room with Kat.

Both of them can't get out of the place, but at least Katherine is stuck with Stefan. Now, she could play with him if she gets bored.

Elijah saves Elena and Damon

Remember that Dr. Martin stole Elena's personal stuffs? Apparently, the things are for helping Elijah. With his magic, Martin will help the original to locate where Elena is. And they are successful. Elijah knows exactly where she is.

In other place, Damon finally comes on time before three vampires come to pick Elena. Damon is ready to fight for Elena when suddenly the third vampire is collapse. Elijah is pulling out his heart from behind.

Rose, Damon and Elena are shocked. And even Rose just run away with her super speed. Apparently, the two other vampires don't know about him. They piss off when they knew that their friend's dead. But, when Elijah introduces himself they are trembling.

"We were trying to bring her to you. Klaus wants to see her." One vampire says. "Does anyone else know that you're here?" Elijah asks.

When they answer no, he just rips their hearts out. It's just like that they are nothing. Elena and Damon are shocked. And now, what are left just Elena, Damon and Elijah. The surprising thing is Elijah just goes away without says anything.

Caroline, Tyler and Matt

While the others busy with the Sun and Moon curse, Caroline is busy with Tyler's curse. She's offering a help to Tyler. Well, Tyler actually has a plan. He then brings her into the Lockwood's stellar. So, Caroline can help him with his plan.

The place where Mason locked himself, or the right term actually chained him when the full moon was coming. They accidentally find his old diary. And on that diary, they find a memory card.

Apparently, he not only chronicled everything, but Mason also videotaped his first transformation. And it is a shocking revelation for Tyler and Caroline. It took more than five hours before he finally transformed. And before that, Mason was on really great pains. And that was sucked. It's really a curse because the werewolves will feel every pain that comes when they are transforming.

In the middle of the shocking revelation, Matt comes. He doesn't realize that Tyler is there. Caroline surprises and asks him about what's happening. And then, Tyler shows up.

In which side Elijah really is

Elijah's previous behaviour is confused me, and what he says to Martin is more confusing. He ran from that place and let Damon because he knew that he and his brother would do anything to keep Elena safe.

And that is exactly what they want; Elena will be kept safe for now. Are you confused? Well, I'm too.

In other place, Damon escorts Elena home. I think he wants to make sure that this girl won't do another stupid thing just like what she did earlier. But, when they home, Jeremy tells them about what happened with Stefan.

And Elena is trying to do another stupid thing. She wants to burst in and- I don't know what else she would do after that. But, Damon stops her. And even Elena is calling her boyfriend, Stefan doesn't show up.

Just after she leaves out, Stefan appears. He talks to Damon, asks him to keep Elena away from the tomb and find a way to de-spell the stone. Then, no matter what happens, Damon should protect her.


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