Hot Shot (Taiwan TV Series) Soundtrack


The CD/DVD Hot Shot Code OST has been released with behind the scene footage from the drama. This CD/DVD Soundtrack doesn’t include Jerry Yan’s song and Show Luo’s song ( Jerry Yan sang an ending theme song and Show Luo sang an opening theme song).

Show Luo - Hot Shot (opening song)

Jerry Yan -Yi Ban (ending theme song)

The OST of Hot Shot (not including opening and ending theme song) list are :

1. U Got Me by NESE

English Version

2. The Crowd was rockin’

3. Superman by NESE

4. Tunnel by Freya Lim

5. U Got Me by Hypertension

6. I’ll be fine by Adrian Fu

7. Don’t tell me by Freya Lim

8. Tunnel by End of the rainbow

9.I’ll be fine-Dawn

10. U Got Me--Hoop Dreams

Thanks to britzhou23.


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