6 Eternal Fashion Items that You Should Have


New Year has come. The time rushes along and without our concern, January will end soon. Meanwhile, new fashion trends have been coming. If you are one of those people who usually try to buy the newest clothes or follow the latest trends. And you always follow your favorite celebrities fashion senses; you probably already bought several new clothes. Or you have plans to buy several new clothes that have been worn by your favorite celebrities. But, I suggest that you should hold on for seconds.

Do you know that there are six fashions items that will be last for decades? Or in other words, some old trends that always work for almost decades. You should believe it because according to some fashion stylists, there are six fashions items that will be last forever. Just look back your clothes collections in your wardrobe. And read the list of six fashion items below, probably you will find that you already have all or some of these eternal fashion items.

1.    Bootcut jeans

Not like the skinny jeans, the bootcut is one of those pants which suitable to be worn for all body types. Just choose bootcut with dark color which will be fitted to be worn with semi-formal top.

2.    Flat shoes

The flat shoes will always be a trend. Why? Well, it’s because they are shoes that comfortable to be worn, look cute, and “eternal” enough although the shoes themselves not eternal.

3.    White shirt

A white shirt that fit to your body is one of clothes that is suitable to be worn by everyone regardless how old they are. You can match the white shirt with cloth pant and blazer, or jeans with boots. The white shirt is a good infestation as long as you treat it well.

4.    Pencil skirt

A pencil skirt will look gorgeous to be worn to an office or a cocktail party, for job interview, or meeting with your boss. A pencil skirt will always look elegant and stylish and can be matched with almost anything, from a blazer or sweater so you can always look chic.

5.    Wrap dress

All kinds of bodies types will be looked attractive in a wrap dress, no matter how old we are. Who don't want to wear a dress which can show their waist while it also covers their body's weakness? Choose rich colors, such as plum for cold days, or fresh colors, such as green or neutral grey for hotter days.

6.    Blazer

Blazer is one of important fashion items. For everyone who has a young spirit, a blazer which fit with her body is a right choice and also is a good infestation. While everyone who wants to look more conventional or classic, she should choose a blazer with has a comfortable size in her body. Match it with casual clothes, for instance try to match it with skinny jeans and boots, as a replacement for a pencil skirt.

Well, I highly believe that you have the fashion items above. Just keep them, and keep update your favorite fashion magazines or websites. You probably will be surprise to find out that your favorite celebrities still wear one of them. Now, it’s up to you to match those fashion items above. Just show the world your true identity.


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